GPG key Revoked, New key ON


I have revoked my old GPG key ID 0x6FD809F4, and now I am using 0xEFB1C57F check My GPG key page for more information about the new GPG key.


Welcome Ga`las (Ga3las)

I'll make this post short, I would like to welcome my cat Ga`las {Ga3las} in arabic, the name a little bit odd, it is inspired by a character in a book for Mahmoud El-Sa`dany.

My experience with EED

Here I am posting Live a real time experience from Al-Azhar conference centrer, EED Egyptian Engineering Day organized by IEEE egypt, organization wasn't that great, messy and everything takes long time to get it done. the 1st impression it is like this Chinese events where every one having 2x2 m or 1x1.5 meters to show whatever they have, the students gets the lions bite where they demonstrate there graduation projects, lots of interesting stuff.

My Resume HTML

My Resume PDF

Here you can download my resume in PDF format 


It is happening again, some days I sleep normally " which means i wake up every couple of hours and go back to sleep again " and most of days most of the night i'm awake can't sleep having Insomnia , again I become something strange something I can't understand myself, most of the time I Don't understand my own behavior my own actions and reactions, it just i feel there is something wrong and that is it but i never knew what it is... this time seems to be a big one never know when it will ends but it has to.

My Own Connection !

Hello World!!!

at last after like 2 years with a shared 2MB internet Connectivity, I have my own 256K connection .. but it is mine i can do whatever i want with it and with the port fwd ,,,,, finally i can have my own asterisk server online with all the amazing feature i need .... and using wi-fi is more fun " TV + nice sofa + laptop + internet = rulz "

Remember Remember Part II

Again it's the 5th of November it's been one year from my 1st post a FULL YEAR ! so let us take a look on what changed....

Work as usually ups and downs but i picked up some new technologies and new tricks as always.

System Administrator Appreciation Day

Yesterday the last Friday of July was the System Administrator Appreciation Day , so happy sysadmin day for all the good sysadmins around the world, unfortunately some people thinks that administrators always relaxed and have so little work as long as the system is up and running, but it's not true, they always keep maintaining the services making sure everything running and update and many many other things . anyway I wish you all had a great day, not like me..